Why You Should Choose The Northfork Estate When Searching for Wedding Venues in Grand Rapids

Are you searching for Lansing, MI wedding venues? Keep reading!

A short 60-mile drive from Grand Rapids, the Northfork Estate is the premier wedding venue serving wedding couples in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Ann Arbor. Keep reading to find out why wedding couples choose The Northfork Estate.

A short answer about why Grand Rapids wedding couples love The Northfork Estate:

  • BYOB, BYO Catering, BYO Vendors
  • We coordinate with all your vendors to ensure a seamless, stress-free experience
  • You will get prompt responses to any questions or concerns
  • Owner Marta takes on the role of a wedding planner to give you the best possible experience
  • “No” is not in our dictionary. Any theme or decor request is possible.
  • All of your guests will feel special and attended to
  • Rehearsal time included
  • Tables, linens, chairs included
  • Parking & golf cart shuttle service for guests

Keep reading to learn more about why Grand Rapids wedding couples choose The Northfork Estate.

BYO Vendors, BYOB, and BYO Catering!

You read that right! Although we have preferred vendors as well to help save you time & research. You may bring in your own catering – our on-site prep kitchen will help them get everything ready for you. And the icing on the cake? You may bring in your own liquor & alcohol as long as you purchase liquor liability insurance.

Gorgeous bridal suite for you to get ready!

Instead of having to do your hair and makeup off-site and then drive to the venue, we have a beautiful bridal suite where you can get ready. When touring Grand Rapids wedding venues, ask if they have a ready room and take a tour of it.

Inclusions, inclusions, inclusions!

When you book at The Northfork Estate, you not only have the entire venue to yourself for the whole day, but we also include:

  • the rehearsal time
  • tables
  • chairs
  • white linens

Our goal is for you to never feel limited. Our beautiful onsite bridal suite and multiple ceremony spaces (indoor & outdoor) will provide a peaceful and serene setting.

Decor on-site for rent!

Yes, our tables, chairs and white linens are included in the fee. But you may also rent our arch, uplighting, vases, and a variety of other decor items. We’d be happy to show you our inventory. 

If you are interested in other Grand Rapids wedding venues, do they have this available to you? Otherwise, you will have to pay a rental company to rent items and also to bring them on-site to the venue.

We only host one event per day – yours.

In order to deliver you the best possible celebration, we only focus on one event per day. 

Your reception can be a party – your guests can stay until midnight!

You may arrive at 10 am to decorate and all of your guests should leave by midnight. Many other wedding venues charge extra for late-night hours, so if you’re taking a tour, ask about how long you can stay on the property and when you can arrive.

We allow you to stay until 1am for clean up & taking your gifts/decor back to your cars.

We’re completely upfront about our fees.

You can expect to pay around $9,200 for the rehearsal time, entire venue to yourself & your guests, provided rentals including chairs & tables, golf cart and shuttle service for the guests from the parking area, day-of coordination and coordination with vendors and planning leading up to your Grand Rapids wedding, tear down & more.

When touring venues, be sure that they are completely upfront with their pricing, otherwise, you may be in for an unwanted surprise down the road.

What impacts venue prices?

There are many factors that can drive prices up or down, including:

The wedding date you choose can really affect your wedding venue cost. If you want to get married on a Saturday night during peak season, for example, then chances are that it’ll be more expensive than say weekday weddings in off-peak times of the year; many wedding venues offer discounts when they host low season or weekday marriages!

When you invite more guests to your Grand Rapids wedding, the cost of hosting a larger event can add up. Larger wedding venues that accommodate more people will have higher costs if you invite the maximum guests than smaller ones with lower capacities. If your venue includes catering services then it is likely to be ‘per person’ and as such, if you have a large number of guests, this could end up being quite expensive!

For some venues, you’ll pay a site fee as well as hire an outside caterer or rental company in addition to all other vendors. Other venues are all-inclusive with their own vendor services which could help save money on your reception prices if they in-house these types of items! However, working with a venue that has in-house vendors can mean that your wedding can look cookie-cutter and not match your vision.

And if you want to make your wedding an experience, Eaton Rapids has it all!

Shopping, arts, culture, dining, recreation….Eaton Rapids has it all!

Discover an art sculpture that catches your eye, or, in the summer months, sit back and enjoy a free family concert at Island Park or catch a family-friendly movie at the amphitheater.  Visit the shops in historic downtown and explore the historic Miller Farms.

Here you will experience nature and history in one of Michigan’s most unique communities.  You would have to drive to the lakeshore to find more water frontage, or to northern Michigan for a more natural setting!

The downtown business district is bustling and a charming atmosphere. Shoppers can buy anything from souvenirs, gifts, antiques, flowers, crafts, and more. If you need everyday items, the local pharmacy, hardware store, and convenience store have just about everything! There are even a home shop and a floral shop for decorating and flower arrangements.

On the hunt for the amazing latte? Mark’s Cafe is famous and baristas serve a variety of coffee and bakery treats. Craving something savory? Eaton Rapids has the ultimate dining experience. There are many restaurants and cafes serving everything from pub food to upscale dining. Ethnic foods range from Chinese to Mexican.

Love water sports? This is your place! Eaton Rapids has two rivers, three islands, and several footbridges and fishing spots in town. There are lots of water recreation opportunities including kayaking, fishing, paddling, and more! Eaton Rapids has one of the largest paddle clubs in Michigan.

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