9 Critical Questions to Ask When Touring Ann Arbor Wedding Venues

Are you searching for Ann Arbor wedding venues? Keep reading!

This blog post is going to be amazing for you! There are ten things that every couple should look out for when touring Ann Arbor wedding venues.

We are only one hour from Ann Arbor, MI. We want our wedding and reception site tour to make your life easier. But while you’re touring other Ann Arbor wedding venues, so we’ve put together these nine questions to ask and know before signing the contract.

1. Is this venue truly within my budget?

Finding an affordable place to hold your wedding can be difficult. Ann Arbor is no exception, especially if you’re not sure what questions to ask the venue and how much it will cost before signing any contracts! If you’re touring wedding venues with a particular budget in mind, make sure that they are upfront about all fees – otherwise, surprises might come out of nowhere once everything’s signed on the dotted line! It may seem like common sense but don’t get swept up into those big beautiful ballrooms without making absolutely certain there isn’t anything else at stake aside from just money. Make them aware of anything important as soon as possible, so nothing goes wrong later down the road.

At The Northfork Estate, you can expect to pay around $9,200 for the rehearsal time, entire venue, rentals including chairs & tables, golf cart and shuttle service, day-of coordination, coordination with vendors, planning, tear down & more.

2. Is this venue sharing all the facts with you?

When you’re looking for a venue, be sure to look out for any limitations and restrictions. When it comes to venue hunting, be sure you’re not only looking for the amazing space but also all of those other important details like bathrooms, ready rooms, vendor liability, and payment options. And don’t forget about weather issues or security!

3. Does the venue provide resources to make wedding planning stress-free and easy?

Planning your wedding can be tough, and you want to find a place that is the best in Ann Arbor for weddings and will make your life easier. You’re looking for someone who’s going to take care of it all – from venue resources like tables and chairs if they need them, right down to making sure there are enough corsages at the last minute should one get lost on its way.

If planning an event sounds difficult or stressful (it does!), then what better venue than ours? Owner Marta also acts as a wedding planner to help you every step of the way. We’ll make every aspect amazing with our experience; think about how easy everything will go because we know what needs attention! How will you know if other venues provide this ease and comfort for you?

4. Do you feel that the venue is being honest?

Always trust your gut. Ask the venue if they plan on making any changes to it that you didn’t expect since we want our venues always looking exactly how you wanted them. For example, is there a chance of an upgrade or renovation? Have these decisions been finalized and are set in stone already? If so, talk about what might happen next!

Covid hurt everyone in many different ways. In the wedding industry, things came to a screeching halt, including having weddings. This led to many venues having to cut corners, go up for sale or for lease, and make other changes. How do you know that the person you are speaking with now is the person you’ll be talking to leading up to your Ann Arbor wedding? What if your venue gets sold or put under new management? You don’t want this added stress to your wedding planning. We can assure you that we’re not for sale, for lease, and we are here to stay. 

If you’re touring Ann Arbor wedding venues, and they offer you a considerable discount or another deal, you might want to think about why they need the cash. 

When we sit down with wedding couples to discuss their wedding, we communicate all limitations so that you have no surprises. For instance, our open vendor and catering policy will allow your guests to take advantage of the best Michigan has in food and drink vendors. Still, you might want to ask about fireworks, sparklers, or pets because they may not be allowed by law (or by rules) in those spaces!

5. Is the venue ADA accessible? Does it have easy transportation options?

Why not have a wedding in Ann Arbor that is just as beautiful but more convenient? Our parking for your guests is easy, and we’re off the beaten path.

So you want your big day to be amazing – logistics are so important! Our all-weather lot for guests will make it easier for them when they arrive at our venue, and there won’t be long walks or dirt roads like some barn weddings around Ann Arbor may offer.

Here at The Northfork Estate, our friendly staff will bring your guests from the parking area with a golf cart. We also have state-of-the-art handicap-accessible restrooms. How easy is that?

6. Can you picture your wedding here – even if it’s in a different season?

When touring Ann Arbor wedding venues, make sure you’re looking at all the unique photo opportunities and areas on the property. The staff should also show you their top portrait locations and discuss lighting or weather conditions as applicable.

The best part about our venue is that we have managed hundreds of weddings and know how to handle all situations and make sure your wedding matches your vision. We’ve heard people say, “We decided on a date and then just picked an area,” but if we had done our research beforehand, we could save ourselves a lot of hassle with knowing which areas might not work well together based on seasonality like wintertime weddings versus summertime ones because one requires more lighting than the other – something most novice venue owners or coordinators might forget until their big day actually arrives.

7. Does the venue have 5-star reviews?

We would recommend looking up reviews you tour before taking a preview. Reviews can be very telling of what people loved and if there are areas which need improvement. It’s helpful to look these up beforehand so that when you take your tour, all the questions on your mind will have answers!

8. Do you feel that the venue will impress your guests?

This one’s a no-brainer, but it’s a question you need to ask yourself. From your great-grandma to your sister-in-law, will this venue be the talk for the rest of the year?

As the bride-to-be, this is your time to shine! Our beautiful Bridal Suite will give you a place to get ready for all of that anticipatory excitement. You’ll be able to dance and mingle with friends in our ballroom as light streams through large windows or sip on some bubbly at one of the bars while enjoying delicious hors d’oeuvres from appetizer stations. With immaculate bathrooms, a ballroom, gorgeous outdoor settings, and more – you’re covered every step of the way during wedding festivities!

9. Does the venue have awesome inclusions?

When you book at The Northfork Estate, you not only have the entire venue to yourself for the whole day, but we also include the rehearsal dinner time and tables, chairs, and white linens. Our goal is never to feel limited – you can bring in your vendors, catering & alcohol at no additional fee. Our beautiful onsite bridal suite and multiple ceremony spaces (indoor & outdoor) will provide a peaceful and serene setting.

Please don’t leave it up to chance: pick the Ann Arbor wedding venue that serves your best interest with a dedicated team dedicated to your happiness.

We know that searching for wedding venues can be overwhelming. We’re here if you have any questions or need anything from us, and we wish you the best in your Ann Arbor wedding venue search!

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