6 Things To Do for Your Grand Rapids Wedding Weekend

Make sure to add these fun activities to your Grand Rapids wedding itinerary!

Are you planning a wedding in Grand Rapids, MI? Congrats! You probably know quite well that a gathering with all your special people in one place is rare, so why not take advantage of it by turning your Grand Rapids wedding into a weekend-long celebration? After all, your wedding doesn’t have to be limited to just the ceremony and reception.

In fact, more and more engaged couples tend to extend their wedding festivities so they have more time to properly mingle and catch up with their guests outside of the event proper. And a wedding is a perfect excuse for everyone to get a much-needed respite from the daily hustle and bustle. 

Exploring what the area has to offer beyond your Grand Rapids wedding venue is an excellent bonding activity. If you and your loved ones are staying closer to Northfork Estate in Eaton Rapids, Grand Rapids is just a 90-minute drive away—perfect for a day trip!

Here are six activities you should consider including in your itinerary: 

Visit the Meijer Gardens

With both indoor and outdoor attractions, the Meijer Gardens can be enjoyed no matter what time of the year you hold your Grand Rapids wedding. The beautiful horticultural display gardens and sculpture parks make for a dreamlike experience.

Check out the Meyer May House

If you and your guests are fans of architecture, then you’re all in for a treat! The Meyer May House was designed by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908 and was first opened to the public in 1987. After meticulous restorations, tourists can now appreciate its original design.  

Go to the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

If some of your guests have kids, don’t worry. They can have a blast too at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum! This hands-on museum holds daily activities in addition to ongoing exhibits. It’s the perfect way for them to engage in learning and fire up their imagination!  

Head over to the Downtown Market

In the heart of Grand Rapids lies a culinary haven—the Downtown Market. Here, visitors are spoiled with a lush array of dining and beverage choices. It also hosts classes and events that are worth trying out. This one-of-a-kind destination is a must-see, and not just for foodies!

Explore the downtown dining scene

From tapas to steakhouses, visitors will find countless dining options that suit their discerning tastes. There are also plenty of cool bars for Grand Rapids wedding guests who want to kick the night off early or wrap up dinner with a nightcap. But of course, there’s no better way to end the day than going for a scenic stroll along the stunning Grand River that runs right through the middle of the city.  

Spend some time outdoors 

There are a couple of nearby hiking trails that will unleash you and your guests’ adventurous side. The Knapp Valley Forest, Grand River Park, Rosy Mound Natural Area, and Eastmanville Bayou are some of the most well-known. 

Fill your Grand Rapids Wedding with wonderful and unforgettable memories!

Grand Rapids has a whole host of interesting sights and attractions for everybody. If you’re on the lookout for more excellent ideas for your Grand Rapids wedding, feel free to reach out! 


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