10 Things to Look Out For When Touring Lansing Wedding Venues

Are you searching for Lansing, MI wedding venues? Keep reading!

Have you been looking for a Lansing, MI wedding venue? If so, this blog post is going to be amazing for you! There are ten things that every couple should look out for when touring a venue.

1. Is this venue truly within my budget?

Surprises are no fun when it comes to the cost of your venue. Make sure that when you’re touring Lansing wedding venues, they are upfront about pricing and any added fees before signing a contract for a particular floor plan or wedding package. Speak up if anything in that initial agreement doesn’t work out, so they know what’s important to you as soon as possible!

At The Northfork Estate, you can expect to pay around $9,200 for the rehearsal time, entire venue, rentals including chairs & tables, golf cart and shuttle service, day-of coordination, coordination with vendors, planning, tear down & more.

2. Is this venue sharing all the facts with you?

When you’re looking for a venue, be sure to look out for any limitations and restrictions. Getting too far in the process without knowing these things could lead to big problems later on, so make sure that you are entirely comfortable with everything! During your site tour, it’s likely that you’ll get enthralled by some of the unique features venues have – but don’t forget about other important details like bathrooms, payment options, or weather issues. And remember always to check their security situation!

3. Does the venue provide resources to make wedding planning stress-free and easy?

When searching for Lansing wedding venues, you should want to work with a venue that provides resources to make wedding planning seamless. Expect them to be a wedding planning expert and know-how to handle all situations.

4. Do you feel that the venue is being honest?

Always trust your gut. If you think that the venue is hiding something, ask immediately. Take some time to decide after you go on your tour.

We know that you want our venue to look the same without any unexpected changes. For example, is the venue planning on upgrades, renovation, or landscape changes? Discuss these potential changes upfront so there are no surprises at your final walkthrough or on your wedding day.

Another question to ask is if the wedding venue is for sale or lease? Covid hit the wedding industry hard, so many wedding venues went up for sale or lease. Will you be working directly with the person giving you the tour or some other person that gits hired down the road? Will you be working with a newbie venue manager or an experienced manager on the day of your wedding? If you’re touring Lansing wedding venues, and they offer you a considerable discount or another deal, you might want to think about why they need the cash. 

When we sit down with wedding couples to discuss their wedding, we communicate all limitations so that you have no surprises. For instance, we are very accommodating with an open vendor and catering policy. Still, you might want to ask about venues you’re on tour with about fireworks, sparklers, pets, and other policies.

5. Is the venue ADA accessible? Does it have easy transportation options?

So you want to have the most successful wedding day ever? Logistics play such an essential part in your big day and this! We offer a sizeable all-weather parking lot for guests and are located off-highway, not a pothole-filled dirt road or something that is not easily accessible like many barn wedding venues do!

Here at The Northfork Estate, we have a large parking area for guests. Our friendly staff will bring your guests from the parking area with a golf cart. We also have state-of-the-art handicap-accessible restrooms. How easy is that?

6. Can you picture your Lansing wedding here – even if it’s in a different season?

Planning a wedding should be easy and stress-free, but what throws most people off is where they should host the event. When you find that amazing venue, it will paint a clear picture of your special day because they’ll take great care of you with all their “special treats.” But don’t let things like champagne or lunch blindside you when looking for the right place.

Keep your planning logistics, style, and vision in mind. A planner or coordinator can greatly help you with this! When touring venues, make sure you’re looking at all the different photo opportunities and backdrops. The staff should also show you their top portrait locations and discuss lighting or weather conditions as applicable.

7. Does the venue have fantastic references and rave reviews?

Be sure to check The Knot, WeddingWire, Google, Yelp, and anywhere else you can when touring Lansing wedding venues! Reviews can be very telling of what wedding couples loved and what can be improved. It’s helpful to look these up before you take a tour to be prepared with any questions you may have.

8. Is the venue legally permitted and insured?

If you look around at Lansing wedding venues, and you don’t see the proper safety precautions in places such as:

  • fire extinguishers
  • ADA provisions for disabled individuals
  •  large areas where ambulances and other vehicles can navigate easily
  • or different needs if there is an emergency

They likely won’t have a permit to operate. If you look around at “non-venue” locations that are being used as event spaces – such as restaurants, backyards, Airbnbs, and other venues before and can’t find things, you could be liable.

At The Northfork Estate, we have venue liability insurance as well as all the proper licensing.

9. Do you feel that the venue will impress your guests?

This one’s a no-brainer, but it’s a question you need to ask yourself when touring venues. From your great-grandma to your sister-in-law, will this venue be the talk for the rest of the year?

We have a beautiful bridal suite where you can get ready and do your hair & makeup. You’ll enjoy dancing, laughing, and mingling in our ballroom and dance floor that is complimented by large windows, allowing natural light to flood in. With immaculate bathrooms, a bridal suite, bar, and dining area, you’ll be able to take that image of your amazing wedding in your head and make it a reality.

10. Is the venue flexible to accommodate you and offer inclusions to save you time and money?

When you book at The Northfork Estate, you not only have the entire venue to yourself for the whole day, but we also include the rehearsal dinner time and tables, chairs, and white linens. Our goal is never to feel limited – you can bring in your vendors, catering & alcohol at no additional fee. Our beautiful onsite bridal suite and multiple ceremony spaces (indoor & outdoor) will provide a peaceful and serene setting.

Please don’t leave it up to chance: pick the Lansing wedding venue that serves your best interest with a dedicated team dedicated to your happiness.

We know that searching for wedding venues can be overwhelming. We’re here if you have any questions or need anything from us, and we wish you the best in your Lansing, MI venue search!

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